Microfilm Scanners

Search & Retrieve, Patron and Production Level

UScan and Mekel technology for all your microfilm projects.

UScan+ Advanced Microfilm Scanner

UScan+ Advanced w/ Optional Monitor

UScan+ Advanced PC Specifications

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Mekel MACH 10 Scanner

High-Performance Microfilm Scanning with Media Flexibility and Superior Image Quality

The Mekel MACH10 microfilm scanner from Mekel Technology offers offers the highest efficiency for the combination of speed and image quality – capturing 700 images or more per minute.

Since creating the first microfilm scanner over four decades ago, Mekel has remained the world leader in microform digitization hardware and software with the MACH10 roll film microfilm scanners. The Mekel MACH10 microfilm scanners are trusted by archives, libraries, government institutions and other entities worldwide for all types of 16 mm and 35 mm microfilm digitization.

Crowley MACH Mini Film Portable Microfilm Scanner

A Portable Production-level Microfilm Scanner

The Crowley Company introduces the MACH Mini Film, a revolutionary new compact production, portable microfilm scanner with the smallest footprint in its class.

The MACH Mini Film harnesses the acclaimed scanning and processing power of Mekel Technology MACH-series microfilm scanners to provide accurate, fast microfilm capture without the physical space needs of a larger production scanner. The MACH Mini Film portable microfilm scanner is ideal for small-to-mid size service bureaus, archives, government agencies and others with microfilm archives.

Competitive Advantages

Reference Archive Scanner (Search and Retrieve)

For higher volume single-/multi-image and batch scanning from reference microfilm (also known as image marker or blip microfilm). Ideal for daily search and retrieve operations.

Patron Scanners (Walk-up)

For on-demand single-/multi-image capture or low-volume batch scanning.

Production Scanners (High-volume)

Designed for non-stop/unattended batch and backfile digitization from all sizes and types of microfilm.