Document Scanning Services

ImagingServices_1Nexus Imaging Solutions has a unique partnership with Crowley Imaging, one of the nation’s premier full-service conversion bureaus. This partnership allows us to offer our clients decades of experience in the digitization and preservation of all media types, conditions and fragilities. In Nexus, you have a project management partner who can call on the best in the industry to take your digitization project from concept to completion. 

We’ve selected Crowley as our imaging partner because they use only the highest technology scanning solutions, many of which they manufacture, and have a highly-trained staff of specialists familiar with digitization and cultural heritage projects of all types, sizes and requirements. From a thousand images to a million, Nexus Imaging Services can help to bring your records and archives out of storage and onto the screens of those who will use and appreciate easy access to digitized collection for research or maximum work efficiency.


Services offered include:

*Ask about us providing you with no cost samples to demonstrate our process and the quality of  workmanship*